Who We Are?

Karuna Ghar Foundation, an NGO, which is a small day care shelter for the under-privileged children around the Upvan area in Thane city was initiated on November 15, 2006. KGF currently caters to 25 kids. So many children die or live a lifetime of pain and disability as their families are too poor. Karuna Ghar Foundation was created so that no child is denied help. Karuna Ghar Foundation is indeed a shelter of love for the underprivileged children. Each day we gather in the evening, train the young minds, have some fun and provide them with one meal. Karuna Ghar Foundation is a second home for our children.

Festivals have visits from our well-wishers. Just before school begins, we have a huge collection drive to provide the kids with school material each year. We sell chocolates, sell painted diyas and multiple other things to help alleviate the situation of the children.

Belinda Pereira – Founder Director

Belinda Pereira (known in the locality as Amma) is a practical visionary who believes that NGOs can play a concrete role for a robust healthcare system. Initially struggling between a full time job at a call center and Karuna Ghar Foundation, ‘Amma’ began this endeavor with 2 children. Now the number of children at Karuna Ghar Foundation is a little over 25 including the orphan who lives in an ashram under Amma’s guidance and loving care. Moulded by Amma’s guidance, care, patience and her ever loving attitude, she is truly ‘a mother’ to each of these children and they are her own. Thus, Karuna Ghar Foundation was created.

Journey of Karuna Ghar Foundation

Situated alongside the bus stop at Upvan Lake in Thane, KGF conducts various activities for our children through the week. Summer time has sports camps organized by our volunteers. Karuna Ghar Foundation continues to work extensively within the public healthcare system and provides support to kids of all ages,kids of all backgrounds, and even kids who have single parent. Amma was disturbed by the fact that children of single parent had to work like rag pickers and succumb to the wrath of their circumstances. These children now lead a better life. Volunteers from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai come in numbers every year and spend time with the precious kids of Karuna Ghar as part of their Social Involvement Program (SIP) at St. Xavier’s College. More so, many students pursuing their MBAs also volunteer here. They train them with basic language education and a little of mathematics so they can earn themselves a livelihood later in life.


Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to an excellent education,survival, protection, development and participation.